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mIrAcLe ToWn :o)

Your name is GAMZEE MAKARA. You like CLOWNS, and you belong to a RATHER OBSCURE CULT, that fortells the coming of a BAND OF ROWDY AND CAPRICIOUS MINSTRELS. You enjoy a FINE BEVERAGE, and like to do A LITTLE BAKING SOMETIMES. You've got ALL THESE HORNS all over your room, and sometimes you step on them and SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF.

You like to chat a lot with your pal Karkat, who is usually pretty cranky, but he is your BEST FRIEND.

You recently turned 9 SWEEPS OLD.

You never actually played SGRUB, but you have had nightmares from your alternates' points of view from within the game.

Although you haven't played the game, and you are rather sure seagoatdad is alive... you haven't seen him in 3 sweeps.
Nov 14 '11
WeLl WhAt ThE fUcK aRe ThEsE mIrAcLeS??

WeLl WhAt ThE fUcK aRe ThEsE mIrAcLeS??

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